A.J. Lohman is a designer & web builder based in Austin,TX.

Currently at PCPartPicker. Previously designed at Ebay, GM, and Dell.

You can find me elsewhere on the web: view my Dribbble shots, follow me on Twitter, I write code on GitHub and I take photos on Instagram.


Visual Design · Front-End Development

I'm helping Ryan Irelan gradually update the look of Mijingo starting with the cover art for each course track. Each cover incorporates a color and shape/pattern to help distinguish between course tracks. The website will keep the existing page layout but fonts, color and other style elements will be updated. This is a work in progress.


Mijingo cover art layout Mijingo desktop layout Mijingo desktop layout Mijingo tablet layout Mijingo mobile layout

CSS Zen Garden

Visual Design · Front-End Development

Over ten years ago the CSS Zen Garden is where I first started to learn CSS. I wanted to submit my own design to maybe inspire others as it did for me. The final design was inspired by some old Herman Miller advertisements and work done by Brent Couchman.


CSS Zen Garden desktop layout CSS Zen Garden tablet layout CSS Zen Garden mobile layout

Amini & Conant

Visual Design · User Experience Design · Interaction Design

I was asked to redesign the website for Amini & Conant. A&C is a law firm based in Austin,TX. The team at A&C wanted to re-imagine the typical lawyer website experience and reach more clients with a responsive design. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Dbln and Justin Childress on this project.


Amini & Conant desktop layout Amini & Conant tablet layout Amini & Conant mobile layout

Eat Drink ATX

Visual Design · Front-End Development

A little something to help people find great places to eat and drink in Austin,TX. Collaboration with David Baker and Jonathan Bowden. David Baker created the logo and icons.


Eat Drink ATX layout

Nosh catering

Visual Design · WordPress Development · Front-End Development

Nosh is a catering company located in Wellington, New Zealand. I worked with them to build a responsive website to showcase their offerings. Some elements of the site have changed since it was first launched but my overall vision is still intact.


Nosh Catering desktop layout

Just things

Visual Design · Front-End Development

Typecast conducted a typography contest during the Build conference. This was my entry which ended up winning best overall award for this quote. The entries were judged by Elliot Jay Stocks, Trent Walton, and Tim Brown.


Just things desktop layout

More about me

Currently I'm a Sr. Designer for PCPartPicker. Previously I worked at GM, where I helped develop a front-end design system of interface guidelines.

For the past twenty years I've been designing experiences for the web. I specialize in responsive front-end design, HTML/CSS and web typography.

Some other areas of expertise are creative direction/art direction, interface design, prototyping, concepting, mobile/app design and more. Most days I work with pixels, grids, typography, colors and lines of code. Currently I design at PCPartPicker. Previously at eBay, GM and Dell.

I'm always interested in freelance opportunities, so don't hesitate to contact me if you are looking to fill a spot or need help with a project.

You can find me elsewhere on the web: view my Dribbble shots, follow me on Twitter, I write code on GitHub and I take photos on Instagram. I don't post much because I'd rather hang out with my wife and three boys.

About this site

I use this site as an experimental space, trying and testing things so it might not work properly from time to time. If you have questions on how or why I did something or have tips to improve something don't hesitate to contact me.

Hosted by Github and built using Atom. The current font used is Roboto, but I tend to change it a lot. Fonts served up via Google.